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empowering explorers to advance their space missions

Space is still costly, cumbersome, and accessible to only the very few. That’s why Mission Control innovates to make modern software and AI viable for use in space.

Streamlining software development from prototyping to flight

Tools created for software developers to use throughout mission lifecycles.

Maximising user experience for mission operations

Mission Control truly cares about mission operations and making the user experience more enjoyable and user friendly, all while streamlining operations for the best mission outcome.

Our Products

Cutting edge tools for spacefarers

Our advanced software simplifies mission development and operations while unlocking the potential of new scientific and commercial opportunities on the Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Our Spacefarer platform allows distributed teams to remotely operate robots, payloads, and more.

  • Ready to use and customizable platform
  • Full lifecycle: From prototyping to mission operations
  • User-friendly operations interfaces

Enabling autonomy: we’re developing Spacefarer AI to streamline how AI can be deployed and trusted for spaceflight.


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