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Be a part of projects for Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond.


Our Crew Matters

We all played that game when we were younger – “If you were stuck on a desert island, who would you want to be with?” But that game has evolved! During the interview process, we look for team members we’d choose for long durations to Mars. Why, you ask? Because although we’re a rapidly growing company, it’s important to us to keep that ‘small company’ vibe!

We foster a workplace of diverse, thoughtful and talented people who want to learn and do their best work.


At Mission Control, we are committed to offering a high level benefits package that enhances the quality of our team members’ lives.

Wellness plan with health, vision and dental

Take care of yourself and family members with our comprehensive wellness plan which includes 24/7 access to healthcare, your prescriptions delivered right to your door, an additional $500 annual Health Spending on top of your benefits and so much more!

Career growth and opportunity

We’re constantly growing and expanding as a company, and you’re able to too! Expand your skill set within the company and work on a variety of super cool projects!

Two weeks of ‘flex’ days

Flex Days are personal paid days off. These days can be used as sick days, appointments, etc.

Tag ups and communication

Bi-weekly coffee chats with colleagues, internal lunch ‘n learns and other great social events!

Flexible work hours

Life is busy, we get it, ours are too! By offering our employees flexible work hours it gives them more opportunity to live a better work/life balance.

Open Positions

As a growing company, new opportunities are always on the horizon. Keep an eye out for positions that align with your skill set.

Please note that certain offers of employment will be made conditional upon obtaining security clearance in Canada.

CO-OP Positions

Launch your career and grow with us!
If you are:

  • Working towards an undergraduate or graduate degree in STEM
  • Capable of being self-management and committed to working in a fast-paced environment
  • Are just as excited as we are about space exploration

Co-op positions are full for the upcoming semester. Stay tuned for our next round of openings!


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