Start streamlining your mission operations

Take advantage of our advanced software platforms for use in missions on Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Our Products

Our Spacefarer platform allows distributed teams to remotely operate robots, payloads, and more.

AI On The Moon

Enabling autonomy: Spacefarer AI streamlines how AI can be deployed and trusted for spaceflight.

Our lunar radios were successfully delivered to enable mission-critical communications for a customer’s commercial lunar rover mission.

Software for Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond

Our products can help streamline operations and enable on-board autonomy for a wide variety of robotic systems, scientific payloads, and other assets across several mission scenarios.

Surface Systems

Mobility platforms
Sensors & Payloads

Satellite Systems

Orbital Robotics
Space Domain Awareness
Remote Sensing

Human Exploration

Medical & Life Science
Life Support Systems
Robotic Support


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