Spacefarer AI


Deploy artificial intelligence safely and reliably across flight platforms to achieve your mission objectives.

  • Validated & verified space flight heritage on two missions and counting.
  • Ease of use and simplified deployment across different flight platforms and software packages.
  • Customer support across AIT, commissioning, and deployment, optimized for mission performance.

Spacefarer AI has deployed deep learning neural networks on flight computers for two missions: in Earth orbit and on the lunar surface. Our AI team has also supported several concept studies and field tests to offer AI-based autonomy.

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Our Tools

One Platform:
from Start to Finish

Use our data, model, and deployment pipeline and tools to ensure robust and reliable autonomous capability. Start with data and model selection and then pick your embedded deployment target.

Data & Model Pipeline

Build explainable, tested neural networks for rovers, satellites, and stations.

Deployment Toolkit

Easily deploy to different Systems-on-a-Chip from different manufacturers, hybridizing across the CPU and FPGA for added efficiency.

Data Explorer

See AI product outputs and intelligent overlays, making the most of the Human-AI team.

Why Use Spacefarer AI?

A reliable way to add powerful autonomous capability

Computer Chip

Choose your hardware target

We focus on ease of use on proven flight computers, no need to worry about vendor locking.

Choose your AI application

From Earth observation in LEO to lunar rover operations, we have heritage in building robust, trustworthy AI systems.

AI On The Moon
Real Time Insights

Gain real-time insights

Overcome difficulties related to bandwidth to make better real-time decisions.

AI Toolkit


Contact us for a tutorial and demo of the AI Deployment Toolkit today!

Our Story

Modern AI approaches are a game changer for spacecraft autonomy, but to use them we needed tools and techniques that work with space missions, such as our MoonNet AI model that was deployed on a lunar mission in 2023.

MoonNet is designed to rapidly classify lunar surface features in camera images, enabling a wide range of autonomous tasks from navigation to instrument targeting.

However, as we moved towards deploying MoonNet on a flight processor, we discovered several challenges.

Worlds First

Mission Control was the first organization in the world to deploy a deep-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) in lunar orbit.

In early 2023, we completed our first in-flight test of how Spacefarer AI can deploy AI models, leveraging the OPS-SAT satellite by the European Space Agency.

Looking for Extra Support?

We’re here to help

If you’re looking for extra support, our team can assist with developing AI-based solutions through the full lifecycle:

  • User needs and feasibility analysis
  • Data preparation and model development
  • Flight optimization
  • Deployment on flight computer and validation
  • Operations and performance analysis

Let’s discuss how we can best help you out!

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