Mission Control was awarded a contract under the CSA’s smartEarth program (Accelerator Track – Stage 1) to develop an Earth Observation Application Innovation to safeguard the health, security, and environment of Canadians. Building on its heritage in mission operations and onboard artificial intelligence, Mission Control has designed a wildfire detection concept to address the needs of wildfire first responders and emergency planners. The solution would run onboard a satellite reducing latency from Earth observation acquisitions to on-the-ground action and prioritizing bandwidth to meet the needs of emergency scenarios. Canada contains over 300 million hectares of boreal forest, which act as a crucial carbon sink, economic driver, and environmental wonder. With the 2023 wildfire season providing a burned area six times higher than average and predictions of climate changes exacerbating future wildfires, Mission Control’s application innovation provides a new, important commercial software solution that can complement future Canadian Space Agency assets, such as WildFireSat. 

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