Command and monitor remote assets on the Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond.

  • Reliable operations system for your mission.
  • User-friendly and flexible interfaces.
  • Robust cloud server to operate your robot and payload anywhere, anytime.

Spacefarer has been used for thousands of hours in analogue missions on Earth, and is now supporting upcoming missions to the Moon.

Our Tools

One Platform
for Mission Operations

Web-based user interfaces with tools for operating missions in space and on Earth

Live Controller

Interactive controls for real-time operation of robots and payloads with live data visualization

Command Builder

Create, share, execute and monitor command sequences for your spacecraft, robot, or payload

Data Explorer

Interact with data products with a timeline viewer, data visualization, labeling, and more features


Try Spacefarer from anywhere across the globe

Reach out to us and we will set up a live demo where you can drive a rover in our Moonyard!

Our Story

In our early days, deploying rovers in analogue environments was critical to our R&D.

With no available operations tools, we decided to create our own

This made it easy for our distributed team to drive rovers and payloads. Since then, our customers and partners have trusted our software for thousands of hours of analogue missions.

We’re focused on developing Spacefarer for you so you can focus on your mission. You can count on us as we fly to the Moon and beyond!

As our Chief Exploration Scientist, I am so happy our team has developed Spacefarer. It has made the process of evaluating my mission plans a breeze.

Dr. Melissa Battler – Chief Science Officer

Looking for Extra Support?

We’re here to help

If you’re looking for extra support, our team can assist with

  • Custom user interfaces for your robot or payload
  • Tailored integration with your robot or payload
  • Mission concept development
  • Analogue test support
  • Use our Moonyard

Let’s discuss how we can best help you out!

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