About Facilities Moonyard


Visit our one of a kind Moonyard! It is open year-round for lunar analogue missions.


Our Moonyard is an analogue environment with a high visual fidelity terrain, perfect for testing lunar missions all year round.

On-Demand Lunar Analogue Missions

With our cloud-based Spacefarer platform, run a complete lunar analogue mission remotely using our rover with your payloads integrated onboard.

  • Simulated lunar comms
  • Operations testing for payloads and missions
  • Collect data for R&D in vision, robotics and AI
  • Use our rover for testing, or bring yours
  • Add your lunar payloads for an end-to-end mission operations test
  • Educational missions or HQP training

See our brochure for more details!

Key Details
  • 30x20m testbed at our HQ in Ottawa, Canada
  • Geologically relevant features and reconfigurable landscapes: volcanic, polar, highlands, mare
  • Lunar lighting conditions: Equatorial to polar
  • Walls/ceiling painted matte black

Use Cases

Mission Control Intelligence (MCI)

In 2021, we worked with Axiom Research Labs to use their ECA micro-rover in a series of science-driven lunar rover operations tests.

Training for ESA Space Resource Challenge

In 2021 and 2022 the Moonyard was an invaluable feature used while preparing for the Space Resources Challenge for operations testing for the competition


Ready to unlock your mission’s potential?

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