Mission Control empowers explorers to advance their space missions

We innovate to make modern software viable for use in space, unlocking the potential of new scientific and commercial opportunities on Earth, Moon, Mars and Beyond.


We are Visionaries

We are pragmatic visionaries and creative problem-solvers on a mission to develop software and AI that empowers explorers to advance their space missions. We strive to support mission operators, scientists, software developers, students and members of the space community.

Mission Control’s solution supports any mission with:

  • An advanced ground control platform
  • Autonomous onboard intelligence
  • Turnkey applications supporting specific mission goals

Our software is used by mission controllers, scientists, and software developers who seek faster deployments, lower-cost mission development, and valuable data returns.


Building the future today

We are inspired by a vision of the world in which access to space is ubiquitous and inspires all humans to treasure planet Earth and marvel at the universe. We are united around the Mission Control Vision and motivated by these core beliefs:

Curiosity is the root of discovery.

We aim to inspire and to be inspired, always to seek and share new ideas with open minds and honest hearts.

To discover is to embrace diversity.

To fully participate in the exploration of remote environments is to welcome the new and the newly known. We extend this spirit to our work environment, where we practise diversity and inclusion.

Ubiquity is a passport to accessibility.

Through the thoughtful application of ubiquitous technology, we believe every human can have the opportunity to participate in the exploration of the universe.

Sustainability requires intelligence.

We wish to contribute to a sustainable human presence in the solar system by constantly improving the quality of information that our software helps explorers, citizens, and communities to access.

Exploration is best achieved through collaboration.

We are an interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists who design openness, responsiveness, and teamwork into our systems, processes, and technologies.

Our team

We are a team of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs on a mission to develop software that empowers explorers.


Get involved in developing software and innovating for space projects at the cutting edge of science, technology, and innovation.

Our Partners

We Work with the Best



Security Standards

Adhering to stringent standards

Mission Control has been registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program since 2021


Beyond our advanced software platforms, we also offer our facilities for clients and partners to test, experiment and explore. They include our Orbital Autonomy Lab (OAL) and Moonyard.


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