It has been an exciting time for the Mission Control team, as they not only announce the sale of a Spacefarer license to NASA Kennedy Space Center, but recently celebrated the achievement of becoming the worlds first in deploying deep learning AI in deep space.

“We’re thrilled with our sale to NASA Kennedy Space Center and to be working with such a reputable organization. We have worked with them in the past on various projects, including Mission Control Academy, but this sale further solidifies their trust in Mission Control’s software, we look forward to working with them again in the near future” says Ewan Reid, Founder and CEO at Mission Control.

The Spacefarer platform allows distributed teams to command and monitor remote assets on the Earth, Moon, Mars and beyond. Together with Clearpath’s rover, Mission Control has provided a reliable and easy-to-use test rover platform for the Granular Mechanics and Regolith Operations Laboratory at NASA Kennedy Space Center for their research and prototyping activities on lunar regolith handling tasks such as excavation

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