Mission Control is thrilled to announce a partnership with MDA to complete a Phase A contract awarded by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) for the Canadian Lunar Rover Mission to the Moon!

The mission of the Lunar Rover will be to gather imagery, measurements, and data on the unexplored South Pole of the Moon, to enable scientific discovery and demonstrating technology that could be used on future missions. The rover would be controlled from Earth using Mission Control’s Spacefarer.

Mission Control is proud to be a part of the MDA-led “Team Canada” alongside many other inspiring Canadian companies and universities. Bringing the future of Canadian space exploration together in this way is another opportunity for inspiring the next generation of Canadians to reach for the stars.

Mission Control brings seven years of experience in working on rover programs with the CSA. From White Sands New Mexico to the highlands of Iceland, Mission Control has deployed and operated rovers in many far-flung locations on Earth. Next year Mission Control will participate in an international lunar rover mission and bring the valuable experience gained to further benefit CSA and Team Canada.

Whether giving students a chance to operate a rover at our Moon yard or putting the first deep learning technology on the Moon itself, we aim to inspire and to be inspired, always to seek and share new ideas with open minds and honest hearts.

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