Mission Control Secures $250k from Canadian Space Agency to Develop Software for Commercial Lunar Exploration Missions

We are excited to share that we have been awarded funding under CSA’s STDP AO5.2! 🎉

Rovers are expected to play an important role in commercial exploration of the Moon. However, current rover technology is expensive and requires continuous management by operators back on Earth.

Using rovers can be more cost-effective if they are able to perform more tasks autonomously, with more flexible options for the operators that manage them. This project will allow us to continue developing easy-to-use mission control software to support ongoing low-cost rover operations and to allow rovers to navigate and carry out tasks more independently.

Mission Control Software is a cloud-based software and will enable commercial space companies, mission operators, and researchers to operate frequent, short-duration lunar missions from anywhere on Earth. MCS will help lower the cost of lunar rover missions, making space exploration more accessible a to wider range of Canadian companies, eventually allowing non-experts, including students and members of the Canadian public, to engage in lunar and planetary exploration missions!

Read our press release here


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