Mission Control provides the Rover Driving Academy  for students across Canada

Mission Control is proud to announce that they have been selected by the Canadian Space Agency to provide the Rover Driving Academy for students across Canada.  

Mission Control makes software for Earth, the Moon and Mars and is Canada’s leader in lunar rover missions.  Mission Control’s Spacefarer™ software streamlines mission development and operations and will be used on multiple upcoming rover missions by customers from around the world. 

Using the same Spacefarer™ technology, the Rover Driving Academy gives students in grades 6-9 from coast to coast to coast the chance to conduct their own lunar rover mission right from their classroom. Using a specially created curriculum, students learn about space, science and robotics and remotely operate rovers located in Mission Control’s 4000 square foot Moonyard facility.  

To date, Mission Control, the Canadian Space Agency and Pinnguaq, a not-for-profit organization supporting STEAM in rural and Indigenous communities, have provided a remote rover driving experience for over 2,000 students across Canada. Over the coming months thousands more students will be given the chance to be inspired by Canada’s role in space exploration.   

“We have always been committed to inspiring the next generation to always keep exploring” said Ewan Reid, Founder and CEO at Mission Control. “The Rover Driving Academy is so much more than just an educational experience. We are giving students the opportunity to use the same software used on actual lunar missions, and hopefully realize that with imagination and dedication, the future is theirs to create and that anything can be possible.” 

Using Spacefarer™ and Mission Control’s Moonyard as guides Pinnguaq has developed a downloadable game like the real driving experience, making the program accessible to everyone at any time.  

“Canada’s future includes space and we want youth from every community to know they can be a part of it. The Rover Driving Academy is a sample of what it is like to be part of a mission team and start building the essential skills to have a career in space. Possibilities abound.” Janice Cudlip, Lead, Youth STEM Initiatives Team – Canadian Space Agency.

For more information on the Rover Driving Academy, or to sign up your classroom for a mission, please visit Mission Control’s website or email rda@missioncontrolspace.com 

About CSA, Agence spatiale canadienne | Canadian Space Agency (asc-csa.gc.ca)
We promote the peaceful use and development of space, advance the knowledge of space through science, and ensure that space science and technology provide social and economic benefits for Canadians.

About Mission Control, www.missioncontrolspace.com  
Mission Control empowers explorers by innovating to make advanced software viable for use in space. Using Spacefarer™ and SpacefarerAI™, customers can simplify mission development and operations while unlocking the potential of new scientific and commercial opportunities on the Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond. Spacefarer™ is being trusted for multiple missions to the Moon by mission controllers, scientists, and software developers who seek faster deployments, lower-cost mission development, and valuable data returns. Mission Control is inspired by a vision of the world in which access to space is ubiquitous and inspires all humans to treasure planet Earth and marvel at the universe.

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